Esthefanie Solano Ext:121, Senior Youth Organizing Coach

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Esthefanie Solano, Senior Youth Organizing Coach, she is a former United students member and an Alumna for the School of Law and Government at Roosevelt High School . Raised in Boyle Heights, Esthefanie confronted systemic obstacles, but she remained driven by the belief that education is not a 'privilege,' but a 'right.' As part of United Students, Esthefanie, along with her peers, led the College Prep, Not Prison Prep campaign; a student-led effort to demand the end of punitive discipline policies, as well as more resources and opportunities to access higher education for ALL students. Now, a Community College student, she is pursuing two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and Ethnic Studies to better serve her community. Esthefanie was also recently selected by the Liberty Hill Foundation as a 2012 Leader to Watch.