A-G Life Prep!





In 2004, InnerCity Struggle students and parents decided that the next step for improving the quality of education needed to be transforming the expectations of students. This had to begin with making the idea of going to college a real possibility for thousands of mostly African American and Latino youth in Los Angeles. Through a survey of over 2,500 students, ICS learned that a majority of students in the Eastside did want to attend a four year college and that they were encouraged to do so by parents and teachers. But members of ICS also learned that college access opportunities are not equal among all schools in the Los Angeles school district and in LA County.


In 2005, InnerCity Struggle joined Communities for Educational Equity (CEE) to push the "A-G Life Prep" resolution to ensure that ALL students are prepared for college and the 21st century workforce. After several months of organizing thousands of students, parents and teachers, CEE won the overwhelming passage of the resolution on June 14th, 2005 by the Los Angeles Board of Education.  This was a historic win.


"A-G was the key to educational equity for all because most students we talked to said they wanted to go to college, but they didn't know how to get there and some didn't think that college was accessible to them."

- Jonathan Perez, former ICS youth member, Garfield Alumnus and current ICS staff organizer.