Familias Unidas




Sra. Padilla Speaking at QEIA Rally in 2007



Familias Unidas (FaU) builds a powerful base of parents and community members who are organized to work toward educational justice in public education.  FaU builds community and parent leadership that supports a movement for educational justice and advocates for a progressive voice on issues impacting East Los Angeles.  



FaU organizes:


  • An Annual Eastside Parent Education Summit, where hundreds of parents from the surrounding community attend a one day summit filled with speakers, workshops, a college fair, and action oriented parent dialogues aimed at promoting and raising awareness around college access issues.
  • A Parent Leaders Academy where parents receive leadership development training in the areas of political education and organizing strategies that they can apply to the efforts of the organization and in their own personal lives.

  • Monthly General Meetings focused on identifying issues and developing solutions to critical education issues impacting local schools.

  • Outreach and Education campaigns focused at local schools to inform. Thousands of parents about issues ranging from college access to school facilities.