Our Philosophy




Community Organizing

The Eastside is primarily a Latino, working class and immigrant community. A core value of ICS is to promote the active involvement and unity of Eastside residents that have been historically marginalized and silenced. We build bridges between youth, families, and community members to work for community change.


Leadership Development

ICS develops strong youth, parents and community leaders from the Eastside. Positive change will take thousands of people working together to improve the entire community.


Education and Training

ICS believes that change happens when individuals, groups and communities are well-trained and well-organized. We use the history of previous social movements to understand the process of social change. We also provide leadership skills and the knowledge necessary to win public policy changes through collective organizing efforts.


Media Advocacy

ICS believes that media can serve as a tool for promoting a vision for social justice. Since media plays a critical role in shaping public opinion, we train members in media literacy and to be spokespeople and media activists for the organization.


Civic Engagement

ICS believes in educating and empowering Eastside residents to become civically engaged through voting. 


Contributing to the Building of a Social Movement

ICS believes many organizations are needed to improve the quality of life in our community and throughout the City of Los Angeles. ICS works in alliance with other organizations dedicated to social justice.