Roosevelt/ Partnership for Los Angeles Schools



InnerCity Struggle recognizes the importance of an innovative K-12 reform plan to re-design schools and create a system of educational access and equity for all Eastside students. In 2007, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and then Superintendent David L. Brewer III announced a joint agreement that would allow the non-profit Partnership for Los Angeles Schools (PLAS), launched by the Mayor, authority over two families of schools (a high school and all its feeder schools).


The PLAS would function to empower schools, teachers, parents and students to be the governing bodies over budget and curriculum decisions. ICS felt that the PLAS' commitment to ensure that all students graduate college ready could accelerate the implementation on the A-G curriculum at a local level.


InnerCity Struggle immediately approached the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools to ask that the option be presented to parents, students and teachers in Boyle Heights. Election Day was set for December 11, 2007 and InnerCity Struggle launched a major outreach effort directed at parents and students of the three secondary schools: Roosevelt High School, Stevenson and Hollenbeck Middle Schools. ICS members called the 3-month campaign effort Say YES to Change and organized two major town-halls prior to the vote- one in which 750 students, parents, community residents and teachers attended in order to discuss the benefits of joining the PLAS. InnerCity Struggle knocked on over 10,000 doors, collected over 6,200 student, community and parent signatures in support and turned out over 1200 parents to vote.


Overwhelmingly, teachers, parents and students supported joining the PLAS. In April 2008, Sunrise Elementary in Boyle Heights also voted to join the PLAS. InnerCity Struggle is excited about the possibilities for change and plans to remain involved in implementation efforts. The PLAS officially began its management of schools on July 1, 2008 and has initiated efforts to ensure all students are on track for college.